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What to do if you need to exchange currency during your Hakone travel?

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You’ll have to prepare some Japanese yen when deciding to go on a trip to Hakone. When paying in Japan, most people use cash instead of cashcards, and there are many stores that do not offer card services. There may be times when you end up spending too much cash and run out of it halfway through. In such situations, you can exchange your own currency into Japanese yen.

Here, we will teach you some things that will come in handy when trying to convert currency at banks or money exchangers.


Where can you exchange currency in Japan?

Banks at Hakone

There are several banks across the country where money exchange services are not provided so do take note. You may have to fill up a lot of paperwork at banks that do offer such services. Do visit only when you have time.

Money exchangers at Hakone

Located at the airport and various stations in town.

 Other places

Large hotels and several other shops.

 What you need

Passport and your own currency

 How to exchange money at the bank?

  1. Say “ryogae onegaishimasu (I would like to change money) at the window.
  2. Get and fill up the form required and pass it back to the counter.
  3. Sit down and wait as it may take some time.
  4. If asked what kind of notes you want it in, tell them if you want it in 1000s, 5000s, 10000s. Say “sen-en x mai (x 1000s), go-sen-en x mai (x 5000s) ichi-man-en x mai (x 10000s), or just leave it to them. You can shop for small items with a 10000 yen note in Japan so do not worry.
  5. Receive the Japanese yen and say “arigatou (thank you).

 Where to exchange currency in Hakone?

Following the increase in foreign visitors, there is now a currency exchanger at the Hakone Total Tourist Information Center.

 Hakone Total Tourist Information Center’s currency exchanger

Nearest station: 1 min walk from Hakone-yumoto station

Address: Kanagawa, Ashigarashimo-gun, Hakonemachi Yumoto 706-35

Operating hours: 9:00A.M. – 5:45P.M.

Currency accepted: American dollar, Euros, Chinese yuan, Korean won, English pound, Australian dollar, Taiwan dollar, Canadian dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Singapore dollar, Malaysian ringgit, Thai baht



Rates and service charges differ according to the place exchanged at. It will be noted on your receipt, so do look out for it. In order to not panic when travelling, do remember to bring an excess of Japanese yen over, and fully enjoy your Hakone holiday.

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