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What if you run out of medicine in the middle of your Hakone travel? Standard medicine you can get at Japanese drug stores

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Have you ever found yourself feeling unwell when in a new environment? You should always bring the medicine you usually take when travelling, but you may run out of it, or just happen to not have what you need. However, it’s not easy to buy what you need at Hakone’s drug stores if you’re not fluent in Japanese. Thus, we will teach you some important phrases to explain your symptoms and other things you should know when buying medicine. Here are some things to know when make shopping at drug stores smoother.

Cold medicine (kaze gusuri)

Effective for blocked nose, running nose, pain in throat and cough.
“Hana-mizu ga de-masu (My nose is running), “Hana ga tsumari-masu (My nose is blocked)”, “Nodo ga itai desu (My throat hurts).

All-in-one flu and cold medicine (sougou kanbou yaku)

Useful for all symptoms related to a cold. Blocked nose, runny nose, pain in throat, cough etc.
“Hana-mizu ga de-masu (My nose is running), “Hana ga tsumari-masu (My nose is blocked)”, “Nodo ga itai desu (My throat hurts), “Atama ga itai desu (My head hurts)”.

Painkillers (chin-tsuu/ge-netsu zai)

Effective for headache, toothache, joint pain, period cramps, mild fever etc.

“Atama ga itai desu (My head hurts)”, “Ha ga itai desu (My tooth hurts)”, “Seiri-tsuu desu (I have period cramps), “Netsu ga ari-masu (I have a fever)”.

Intestinal pills (seicho zai)

For constipation or loose stools etc.
“Benpi-gimi desu (I am constipated)”, “O-naka ga yurui desu (I’m having loose stools)”.

Indigestion pills (icho yaku)

For indigestion, uncomfortable-ness in the intestines, heartburn etc.
“Tabe-sugi desu (I overate)”, “O-naka ga itai desu (My stomach hurts)”, “Geri desu (I’m having diarrhea)”, “Shoka fu-ryou desu (I have indigestion)”, “Mune-yake desu (I have heartburn)”.

All-in-one digestive pills (sougou icho yaku)

Cures all sorts of symptoms related to the digestive tract.
“Tabe-sugte, i ga motare-teimasu (I overate and feel uncomfortable) “Shoka fu-ryou de geri shi-teimasu (I’m having indigestion and diarrhea)”, “Muka-muka shimasu (I feel queasy)”.


If you have experienced allergic reactions to medicine before, do take caution before buying any at drug stores. Try to discuss with the pharmacist before making your purchase, if not head to the hospital for a thorough and safer check. Also, remember to note down the name of the medicine you are allergic to.

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