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Tried going on a trip to Atami’s hot springs and the area around Lake Ashi in Hakone on a cold winter public holiday.

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Notes from a Traveller


“The cold days continue, so it may be good to layer on your clothes when going out”
Looking at such a weather forecast, I decided to head to Atami, a hot spring town located near Hakone during a holiday in February.
As expected of a tourist area, the traffic along Atami Bay was horrible.
The sight of the shore I could catch from my car crawling ahead was stunning, and I felt like I had been transported to a southern island.
As I travelled from the seaside to the mountains, Atami Castle slowly came into sight.
Atami Castle underwent renovations in recent years, and the interior of the castle was converted into a theme park-like attraction, and I had a fun time there.
I decided to stay at a hot spring hotel in Atami that day. There was a dinner show over dinner, and all the guests enjoyed the harmonious atmosphere.
The picturesque view I got of the shore from my room’s window in the morning was amazing too.
That morning, I left the hotel in Atami. I first headed to Atami Bay to choose out some souvenirs.
They were selling many “Atsuo-kun Badges”, which comes from the name Atami, and I thought that it was perfect for a souvenir and got it.
Atami Bay had passengers ships headed towards Izu Oshima, and we planned to board one and visit Izu Oshima, but unfortunately, all the ships for that day had already departed, and we had no choice but to come again another day.
After leaving Atami Bay, we decided to head towards Hakone. Passing through the gorgeous scenery, we stopped by several observation decks to take pictures and gaze at the Suruga Harbour down below, and felt the tension leave my body.
The pirate ship at Lake Ashi was the best. Despite it being a public holiday, we were able to grab seats on the ship and sail across Lake Ashi, and enjoy a relaxing and fresh time with my family, and was pleased by the fulfilling time I had.


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