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Hakone Travel Tips

Traffic rules to know in Hakone

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When travelling overseas, you may not realize immediately that traffic rules are now different from those in your country, resulting in potentially dangerous situations. There are many more countries where pedestrains walk on the right, as compared to on the left like in Japan. As such, there are many foreigners who find it hard to get used to the traffic rules in Japan. From buses to trains and rental cars and bicycles, there are many situations where you will have to understand Japan’s traffic rules in order to have a safe and fun journey. Let us give you a simple overview of Japan’s traffic rules.

Walking in Hakone

  • Check left and right before crossing when the light turns green.
  • Even when the light is green, vehicles may turn from the right, so be careful.
  • When crossing the road, make sure to use the zebra crossing.

Bus in Hakone

  • When using buses, make sure not to cut the queue of people in front of you
  • Make sure to grab onto something if you are not able to get a seat. If you do not, you will be asked to by the bus driver in front.
  • Put your belongings on your lap when sitting.

Train in Hakone

  • Wait around the door of the trains when waiting on the platform. There may be a queue, so do remember to stand in line.
  • When the train arrives, allow people to alight first before boarding. The first person in the queue will start boarding once everyone has alighted.
  • Place your belongings on your lap when sitting, if not on the rack above. It is unlikely that your belongings will be stolen, but try to put them in a place you can look after it.
  • Do not smoke on trains.
  • Avoid eating and drinking on trains, and bring your rubbish out with you.

Cars in Hakone

  • Drive on the left of the road.
  • There are specific areas for parking or parking lots.
  • Stop during a red light, do not keep changing lanes, and do not go against the flow of traffic.

Motorbikes in Hakone

  • They generally follow the same rules as cars. Avoid going onto pavements even if others are doing so.
  • Ride to the left of the road.
  • Do not drink and drive.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Protect the traffic rules in Japan and have a safe and happy trip.

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