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Most comfortable way to use the washroom! Things you should know about Japan’s toilets before visiting Hakone

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The washroom is an irreplaceable part of our everyday lives. We use the washrooms at home, in school or at our offices, or in public areas everyday in our own country. When using them, you’ve probably not taught much about abiding by the country’s rules, or how to use it in the first place. However, when in a foreign country, the rules in the washroom may be slightly different from the ones you are familiar with.


Shower washrooms

After using the washroom, you can adjust the angle of the washlet or the bidet. There are other options such as the water pressure, massage, etc. so do explore and adjust it to your liking.


Warm seats

You may not feel grateful to these warm seats in summer, but as it gets cooler, you will be able to relax with the warmth from your toilet seat. You can adjust the warmth of the seat, so match it according to the season.


Toilet seats that open/close automatically

There are washrooms where the seat will open the moment you step in due to motion sensors. Also, after you are done, the seat will close automatically, and you do not have to worry about hygiene.


Automatic flush

There are automatic flushes, which will flush once you stand up with a motion sensor, without you having to pull the lever or press a button.


Flush used toilet paper away

Please do not throw your used toilet paper into the bin. Do flush it away.


Do not flush anything other than toilet paper

Do make sure you only flush toilet paper away. Sanitary pads and diapers are not to be flushed away. It will cause the toilet to clog up.


Seat cleaner

There are washrooms with anti-bacterial spray provided in each cubicle. Wipe the toilet seat with toilet paper and the spray to clean your seat before usage.


Infant chairs in cubicles

There are cubicles that provide chairs for infants. Do take note of the weight limit before using them.

Japan’s shower washrooms have been increasing in popularity recently, and there are many foreign tourists who buy shower washrooms back as souvenirs. However, there are still many traditional-style washroom around, so do not be shocked when you see an unfamiliar type of washroom and take it as a good memory of your trip.


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