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Hakone Ryokan

Master the art of ryokans (Japanese inns)! Things to take note of when staying at a ryokan in Hakone

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When staying in a ryokan at Hakone, you’re probably worried about what kinds of things are considered poor manners. Let us introduce some things you should take note of when staying at a ryokan.

Where to remove your shoes at Hakone Ryokans

There are ryokans where you are not allowed to step into the ryokan with shoes, and some where you are allowed to wear your shoes in but have to remove them before entering your room. Do check with the staff if you are unsure.

Notifying the Hakone Ryokan staff of your arrival time

As the ryokan staff have to prepare a variety of things to prepare for your arrival, do notify them of your expected arrival time. If you foresee being late, give them a call to let them know.

Take off your slippers before entering your Hakone Ryokan’s room

Do remember to remove your slippers before entering your room. You are not allowed to wear slippers in a tatami (straw mat) room.

Do not place bags with wheels on the tatami mat

Pulling bags with wheels such as suitcases over a tatami mat may scratch it. If available, place your suitcase on the wooden plank, and try to avoid leaving it on the tatami mats.

Yukatas at hot springs

There are a variety of ways to put on yukatas, but a key thing to note is to have your left side go over your right. The only time where right goes over left is at funerals in Japan, so do be careful of that.

Tipping not necessary at Hakone’s Ryokan

Tipping is not necessary as it is included in the price plans of ryokans. However, if you feel like you’ve received exemplary service, such as having your child being taken care off, you may feel like doing so. Do avoid passing them the money bare like this, but instead try wrapping it in tissue, or putting them into an envelope, and pass it to them quickly before your meal.

Lower the noise level after 10PM

You may tend to raise your voice in excitement while on a holiday. However, it may cause trouble to the people staying around you, ruining their holiday, so try your pest to tone your volume down.

Do not bring the towel home

You are allowed to bring some amenities home, but not the towel. In some cases, a mini towel for you to bring back home may be prepared, and go ahead to do so in such situations.

Wearing your yukata in public areas

You are allowed to wear the yukatas provided in your rooms out. However, do remember to make sure you are appropriately covered and fix your bed hair before leaving for breakfast in the morning.


One of the highlights of staying outside on a holiday, would be your dinner. While relaxing in a private room, anticipate the dishes that are served one by one. Hakone is sure to leave you with amazing memories.

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