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Japanese taxi doors are automatic?! Things to remember when taking a taxi for your Hakone travel

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Many foreign visitors are surprised and pleased by the automatic taxi doors here. When boarding and alighting a taxi, there is no need to open or close the door, a service unique to Japan. Recently, there has been an increase in taxis that offer interpretation services for foreign customers, making it easier for foreigners who cannot speak Japanese.


When boarding the taxi at Hakone

The door will open automatically, and will hit you if you stand right in front of the door, so stand a few steps back and leave it to the taxi driver.


Telling the driver your destination. Of course, Hakone!

“Xxx e itte kudasai (please go to xxx)”

If your destination is hard to pronounce, show the word on the guidebook to the driver. In such a situation, do some research beforehand and you will be sure to be able to get the message across.

Also, you should avoid writing it down in English, as many Japanese see alphabets as a kind of code, and are not able to read it.


When trying to get a taxi at places where taxis do not pass by, you can call one, but it is near impossible without knowing Japanese. Here are some useful phrases and applications you can download and use before heading to Hakone.



Summary of the app “Zenkoku Taxi (Japan Taxi, of course you can use it for Hakone travel!)”

Name of the application

  • Japan Taxi (English) /全国タクシー (Japanese)


Languages available

  • English/Japanese


How to use

  • Usable by over 23000 taxis (10% of all registered taxis) in around 500 towns in the 47 prefectures of Japan
  • Also usable for airport taxis


OS required

  • After iOS7
  • iPhone, iPad or iPod touch


Things to take note of

  • Data will be used when using this app
  • When hailing a taxi with this app, the fees applied will be the same as when calling for one. For companies where there is no service charge, the fee will just be the taxi fee alone.
  • GPS is required to receive your location, so do take note of your battery
  • The fees are calculated with the route from Google Maps, and the actual route take may differ a little. Also, the estimated price does not include any toll fees, fees for the distance from the driver’s current position to your pick-up point, or reservation fees.




Japan’s taxi fees are relatively high, but the comfort provided and excellent service is something to be proud of. You will probably be using a lot public transport when travelling in Hakone, so how about trying Japan’s taxis for a good memory?

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