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I shopped too much and it won’t fit! How can I send my luggage by post from Hakone?

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You often end up buying too much when travelling in a new place. It may not fit in your suitcase, or may not adhere to the limitations set by your airline, leading to very expensive surcharges. In such situations, another way to deal with it is to send your luggage back home via post. Here are some useful phrases and tips to do so.

Where can I send international post?

Post offices nationwide offer this service. However, the convenience store does not offer such a service, so do take note.

What do I need?

Wrap fragile items in styrofoam, and buy a box at the post office for it to be stored and sent. Choose a box suitable for the size of your items.

How large can my package be?

The weight limit is 30kg, but according to the destination country, this limit may differ. The size restriction varies accoring to the destination country as well, so check it out with the staff first.

How long does it take for my package to reach?

There are various types of post methods at the post office, called EMS, air mail, shipping, economy air mail (SAL). The rates and delivery time varies according to the type of service used. Also, EMS has a tracking service where you can check online where your luggage currently is. Do pick the most appropriate service
according to your needs.


Different customers have different needs, so do check if the post office provides the services you require beforehand. Also, you may be subjected to taxation if you send the same item multiple times, so please take note. International post is slightly more confusing than domestic post, but it is a good way to make your luggage more compact, so do consider it as an option when troubled.

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