Hakone Travel Tips

How to not get lost in Hakone! And what to do if you do end up getting lost

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I’m sure you will do various forms of preparation to avoid getting lost when going somewhere for the first time, but things do not always go your way. In such situations, you can just ask for the way if you find someone that speaks your language. However, when travelling in Japan, it may be hard to do so. However, following an increase in foreign visitors, there has been an increase in places that support foreign languages across the nation, and it is now easier to get to your destination. You can also get your message across with just body language. Just to be safe, we will tell you more about how to deal with getting lost.


Basic items not to get lost in Hakone

Hakone guidebook

You should always get a copy of a guidebook if you’re planning to travel Hakone. Look at it before departing, and check up the places you plan on visiting before leaving.

Hakone map

Recently, there have been smartphone applications you can use to check your current location. However, it may cause quick depletion of your battery, and it will be troublesome to ask for help then, so do prepare a map beforehand.

Useful applications to find your way home in Hakone

TeePee Guide Hakone (240 yen)

iPhone app that introduces spots featured on TV and in magazines. Search from photos and keywords.

Yomiwa Office Japanese Dictionary and Translator (Free)

Helps in reading Japanese. Scan the word with your iPhone camera, and the English translation will pop-up. Fdurthermore, you can write the word and search it up as well. Useful for finding out how to read names of shops and locations.

Maps.me (Free)

Not only in Japan, this app provides detailed maps of countries around the world without an internet connection. It will bring up your destination easily, and you can download all the maps for free.

Facebook (Free)

Find out more from tourists who have visited Hakone before, or hear from foreigners living there now, and get information about good food and find maps.

WhatsApp (Free)

The most-used instant messaging app. Exchange information with other tourists.


There are a whole range of convenient apps for foreign tourists, so find the ones suitable for you before your journey. Ask around for directions if you get lost despite preparing beforehand. Better safe than sorry, so do remember to do your research to make sure you get to your destination safely.

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