100% Pure Hakone Onsen is served in Suirinso

White milky Hakone Onsen ease not only your body but also your feelings. Enjoy them in Suirinso.

24hrs Open Public Onsen for Male, in Suirinso

Our Onsen, this is where we're very proud of.
Both of Male and Female Public Onsen are 24hrs Open, so that you can enjoy them anytime you want.
The source of our Onsen is at Hakone Ohwakudani,one of the most famous and popular sightseeing spot mountain in Hakone.
Many of our guests visit Ohwakudani,so they enjoy our Onsen after they saw the source of it! No need to say that will be one of the most exciting experience during your Hakone-stay.
From the window beside the bath-tab you can also enjoy the great view of Hakone mountains.
Shampoo/HairConditioner/BodySoap Bottles are served for free in the showerspace.

24hrs Open Public Onsen for Female, in Suirinso

In the Female Onsen,some parts of window are coverd so that we can keep your privacy.
As Japanese way of Onsen, some of the guests are naked inside the Onsen, but you don't have to hesitate to use some towels to keep your privacy. Even Japanese people sometimes do the same.
Also,small children, for example 2 or 3yrs old,can come to Female Onsen with his mother. This is usual thing in Japan so please don't get surprised.
Anyway,please don't be too shy, jut enjoy our wonderful Hakone Onsen!