Suirinso's FAQs

Things we would like you to know before you make the reservations.

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  • 1.What is the best way to reach the property from Tokyo?
    Please check here to get the information.

  • 2.Does each room have Toilet inside? How about shower-room?
    Annex room type Ajisai and Yamabuki have toilet inside.
    Other room type doesn't have toilet inside the room. Please use public toilet in the hallway.
    No room have shower-room inside. Please use our pubilc Hotsprings' shower-space.

  • 3.Will you set up Futon(Japanese style bed) for us? Or do we do that for ourselves?
    Setting up Futon will be done by selfservice.
    There's an instruction in the room, it's easy, so please don't be worried about it.

  • 4.Can you keep our luggage before we check-in?
    Our front desk is open from 15:00, so we can keep your luggage from 15:00. Also, before 15:00, you can use free lockers inside of our entrance.
    If the free lockers were all full, also you can just leave your luggage in front of our front desk. Our staff would keep them until you come back to check in later. In this case please make sure you bring your valuables with yourself.

  • 5.Do you have bending machines?
    Yes, we have a bending machines for soft-drinks and alcohols.

  • 6.What kind of amenity do you have in the room?
    We have small / big towel, toothbrush, and shaver in each room. Also Yukata(Japanese room wear), slippers and hairdryers are free for rent, served in our lobby area. Hair shampoo,conditioner and body soap are free to use in our public shower-space.

  • 7.What time do you start to serve dinner and breakfast?
    Dinner starts at 18:00 ( only for reserved), so we need you to check-in before 18:00 if your reservation includes dinner.
    If you did not show up before 18:00, your dinner will be Automatically canceled, without any refund.
    Breakfast starts at 8:00.

  • 8.Children's meal differs from Adult's meal?
    Yes. We serve Children's meal for children, which differs from Adult's one.

  • 9.Will dinner and breakfast be served in our room? Or in restaurant?
    Both will be served in the restaurant. Also we can lend you a plate which you can use to bring your meal to your room by yourself. By using this plate, you can have your meal in your room.

  • 10.Can you call for a taxi when we checkout?
    Sure. Please talk to our staff.

  • 11.Can you serve us dinner/breakfast even if we did't make the reservation for it beforehand?
    Sorry, we can't. Please reserve for dinner/breakfast as well when you make the staying reservation, if you need to take them in our restaurant.
    However, a few restaurants around our place can serve you Meal Delivery Service. The menu is set up in your room( English), 2 Sushi restaurants and 1 casual Japanese style restaurant can bring their meal to your room directly. Please be sure you have to make order until 19:00.
    Also we have several restaurants around us. We have the lists of restaurants around us, the list is set up in your room as well.

  • 12.We have food allergy,can you serve us special menu for us?( Also about vegetarian menu)
    We wish we could, but we can't.

  • 13.We've reserved for dinner, and we're going to stay for 2 nights. The contents of dinner will change from 1st night's one to 2nd night's one?
    It's going to differ a bit, but not different that much.

  • 14.Can you come to pick us up at the station? Can you give us a ride from your hotel to the station?
    Sorry, but we can't. However, it takes only a minute from our nearest station to our place, also even if you take taxi from Gora station, it takes only about 800yen.

  • 15.Can we bring in some food / beverage which we bought outside of your place?
    No problem.

  • 16.Is there any convenience store around your place?
    It's about 10min walk from our place to the nearest convenience store.

  • 17.How can we make sure that our reservation is confirmed?
    If you're worried, please send us an email at
    We can check your reservation information and reply in 48hrs.

  • 18.Until what time do we have to check in, when we haven't reserved for dinner?
    Please check in before 20:00. You can go out to eat/drink whenever you want, after you check in.
    Please check in before 18:00 if you've reserved for dinner in our restaurant.

  • 19.From what time can we check in?
    We accept check-in from 15:00.

  • 20.Until what time do we have to check-out ?
    Until 10:00 in the morning,please.

  • 21.I'm pregnant. Is there any medical problem if I try the Onsen in your place? Also, can infant try your Onsen?
    Actually, our Onsen (hotspring) is 100 percent pure, at the same time it means it's strong. Please ask for medical opinion to your doctor before you try our Onsen when you are pregnant, for your coming baby. Same thing can be said about infant's try to our onsen.

  • 22.Can we use credit card in your place?
    Sorry, but we take only Japanese Yen by Cash.

  • 23.Are Annex type rooms far from main building?
    We have two Annex type room, Ajisai and Yamabuki. To get there we need you to walk in our garden for about 1 minute.

  • 24.Tell us about your Cancel policy.
    Our cancel policies are below;
    From 7days before you stay; 30 percent.
    From 3days before you stay; 50 percent.
    From 1day before you stay; 100 percent.

  • 25.Can the staff in the hotel speak in English?
    Staffs in our hotel will try their best to help you in English, but their English might be far from perfect.
    If you need a big help in English, please talk to the staff there, then the staff can give a call to the owner of the hotel. The owner has used to be backpacking abroad so he has no problem with English. He's available for 24hrs, for free!

  • 26.Do you have curfew?
    No. The only curfew you have to keep is what your parents said.

  • 27.Can we sleep in a bed? Or do you only have Futon?
    Sorry but we don't have beds in our accommodation. Please try Japanese bedding, Futon.

  • 28.Is there any Luggage Transfer Service?
    Inside Hakone, you can use "Hakone Carry Service". You can leave your luggage at Hakone Yumoto station, then the carrier will send them to our inn. Also when you check out, you can leave your luggage in our place, then the carrier will send them to Hakone Yumoto Station.
    More detail will be shown here.
    Also, if you want to send your luggage out of Hakone, for example to Osaka, it is possible as well. You only have to talk to our staff, then they shall arrange.
    However, if you want to send your luggage abroad from our inn, we have to say that is difficult.

  • 29.How can we get to Mt.Fuji from the inn?
    From Naka-Gora station(the nearest station to our inn), please go down to Gora station by a cable car. Then, from Gora station, take a bus to Gotenba station. From Gotenba station, you can grab another bus to Mt.Fuji.

  • 30.Do we need to pay any extra charge in the accommodation?
    The only one extra charge we need you to pay in the accommodation is, Hakone town Hotsprings Tax. This is 150JPY/person/night.

  • 31.Is tattoo OK in your hotspring?
    When you try public Hotsprings in Suirinso, we would be very happy if you just take note of that, most Japanese people (especially children) are not really used to see tattoos. Children will be happier if you smile at them friendly, so that they can see that tattoo is not something to be afraid of.

  • 32.After check out, is it possible to keep our luggage at the reception?
    No problem. Just please talk to our staff.

  • 33.How can we go to Gotenba Outlet?
    From Naka-Gora station(the nearest station to our inn), please go down to Gora station by a cable car. Then, from Gora station, take a bus to Gotenba station. From Gotenba station, you can grab another bus to the outlet.

  • 34.How can we go to Fuji Q Highland?
    From Naka-Gora station(the nearest station to our inn), please go down to Gora station by a cable car. Then, from Gora station, take a bus to Gotenba station. From Gotenba station, you can grab another bus to there.

Couldn't get enough info?
Please feel free to email us. We'll reply in 48hrs.