Suirinso loves you. We will never get you lost.

How to come to Hakone Gora Suirinso, By train and By taxi.

By Train - 1min walk from Naka-Gora station -

( From Tokyo )
1. Come to Odawara station by superexpress, or come to Yumoto station by another railway.
2. From Yumoto station, please take Hakone-Tozan-Railway, to Gora station.
3. From Gora station, please take Cable Car, to Naka-Gora station.
4. Get off the cable car, at the right side of the train.
5. Walk straight, then you can find us on the right side of the street. Takes 1min from Naka-Gora station.

! Be sure you get off the cable car, from the Right side of the train, because the doors on the both side will open.
! The last train from Yumoto to Gora station will be around 22:00 - 23:00. But the last train from Gora to Naka-Gora station is around 19:00. So, if you arrived at Gora-station after 19:00, please take a taxi from Gora station to our place. It takes about 800yen to get to our place.

By Taxi - From Odawara, From Yumoto, From Gora -

From Odawara station to our place;
- About 5,000Yen to 6,000Yen.
- About 30min to 40min.
- Odawara station has 2exits ( East exit and West exit ), at both of the exits you can grab taxi easily.

From Yumoto station to our place; - About 3,000Yen to 4,000Yen.
- About 20min to 30min.
- Especially in high season, depend on time of arrival, it can be little bit difficult to grab taxi in Yumoto station, because there could be many people who wants the taxi.

From Gora station to our place;
- About 700Yen to 800Yen. - About 5min to 10min.

From wherever you grab the taxi, you have to let the driver know the destionation.
1. Say the name of our place, " Suirinso"
2. If the driver doesn't know how to get to our place, please show him the adress below, because most of the taxi has Car-Navigation system in them.

Hakone Gora 1320 - 485