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The fast food of Japan – Convenience store onigiris (rice balls)! A guide to the flavors!

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With the development of the Internet, there has been an increase in sites introducing common Japanese food. Amongst the huge variety of Japanese food, the convenient onigiris that offer a range of flavors have gained much attention. However, the flavors of onigiris sold in convenience stores are only displayed in Japanese, making it difficult for foreigners to pick what they want. Thus, let us introduce some common flavors sold in convenience stores to you today.

How to open convenience store onigiris

1. Tear down the plastic from where it says 1, and tear it around the whole onigiri
2. Hold the onigiri in your left hand, and pull the plastic out on the right.
3. Hold the onigiri in your right hand, and pull the plastic out on the left
4. Your onigiri with its seaweed wrapping is complete

Types of Onigiri

Tuna Mayonnaise – Level of Recommendation: ★★★

Has tuna and mayonnaise inside. Highly popular and recommended for all.

Red Salmon – Level of Recommendation: ★★★

Salted salmon. Highly recommended to salmon lovers.

Mentaiko – Level of Recommendation: ★★☆

Pollock eggs marinated with chili pepper. Slightly spicy, so people who are unable to take spicy things should avoid it.

Bonito – Level of Recommendation: ★★☆

Dried bonito shavings with soy sauce. Popular amongst the Japanese and has a unique texture to it.

Seaweed – Level of Recommendation: ★★☆

Seaweed with soy sauce and a little sugar. Like bonito, it has a nostalgic taste for the Japanese. The taste of soy sauce goes well with seaweed, but not everyone will enjoy the taste.

Plum – Level of Recommendation: ★☆☆

Pickled plums are used. It is rather salty, and there are many Japanese who do not enjoy it as well. Recommended for the adventurous.

Onigiri without seaweed – Level of Recommendation: ★★★

The rice itself is flavored, and it is easier for you to ask the staff about the flavors.

Hand-rolled sushi – Level of Recommendation: ★★☆

Hand-rolled sushis are made with rice marinated in vinegar. There is a range of flavors ranging from tuna to natto, and we recommend checking with the staff before purchasing.
There are standard and unique onigiri flavors sold at each convenience store. If you are interested in a flavor you have never seen before, do check with the staff. How about heading to the nearest convenience store if you ever find yourself a little hungry in Hakone?

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