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Check out the best scenery! Hiking routes to fully enjoy Hakone

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Blessed with lush greenery, Hakone is the perfect place for hiking challengers. With a different sight every season, breathe in the clean air as you hike around the area. There are easy hiking courses for the beginner, and advanced courses for veterans, so pick one suited to your abilities. Catch Mt. Fuji from the highest points, or enjoy trekking around Lake Ashi. Do make some memories hiking around Hakone.

Hakone Otome-guchi to Otome-toge – Difficulty :Easy

Catch the picturesque view of Mt. Fuji on this route that used to be called Otome Fuji. This course from Otome-guchi to Otome-toge is approximately 1km. It is suitable for hiking beginners, and is a relatively easy course to conquer.
Access: Take the bus from Odawara bound for Kojiri/Togendai and alight at Sendai (47 mins). Switch over to the bus bound for Gotemba, and alight at Otome-guchi (5 mins).

Hakone Kyukaido – Difficulty:Middle

The most popular hiking course, which welcomes hikers of all ages. Trek along Hakone Kyukaido, and feel like you time-slipped back to the Edo period.
If hiking from Yumoto, you can choose to walk along the elegant stone pavements, or the steep slopes around Mt. Byobu. You can also do so if starting from Moto-Hakone

From Hakone Yumoto

  • Take a bus from Odawara and alight at Sanmaibashi (14 mins) and head to the Yumoto-nobori entrance
  • Take a train from Odawara and alight at Hakone-yumoto (13 mins) and head to the Yumoto-nobori entrance

From Moto-Hakone

  • Take a bus from Odawara bound for Moto-Hakone/Hakone, and alight at Hakone Sekisho-ato (58 mins) and head to the Hakone-agari entrance

Mt. Kintoki Hakone – Difficulty:Hard

Known as one of Japan’s top 300 mountains, there is a hiking course located from Myojin-ga-take to Sengokuhara here. Along the hiking path rich in nature, there are paths where you can only climb up by grabbing onto the rope along the side, so do remember to prepare gloves. Apart from being known for the folk tale Kintaro, this hiking path also attracts many anime fans as it appears in the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Access: Take a bus from Odawara bound for Kojiri/Togendai and alight at Miyagino-shisho-mae (40 mins), and head to the Myojin-ga-take entrance. Otherwise, alight at Sengoku and head to the Mt. Kintoki entrance.


Hakone’s hiking courses are best from April to December, and you can enjoy it over a long period of time. Do take note of the proper hiking etiquette, and fully immerse yourself in the nature.


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