Hakone Travel Tips

Accessible from the metropolitan area. Enjoy both a day trip or a night’s stay at the highly popular Hakone Hot Springs

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Hakone is famous amongst many as a popular tourist attraction that is accessible from the metropolitan area. Many foreign visitors visit Hakone, and there are also around 200 thousand domestic visitors yearly.
Hakone is located in the middle of Fuji Hakone Izu Park, and its ultimate charm point is undeniably its lush nature. Owakudani which continues to spew steam and gas after a volcanic eruption around 3000 years ago, Lake Ashi which was formed around 400 thousand years ago after an eruption, and the wetlands which was similar formed, Sengokuhara. You can catch cherry blossoms, azaleas, hydrangeas, fresh verdure, autumn leaves, Japanese pampas grass and other sights that change according to the season.
There is evidence that hot springs have been in use even as long as ago as the Kamukara period. There are 17 hot springs called the Seventeen Springs of Hakone, which produces 250 thousand tons of water everyday, ranking in 5th nationwide. They type of water differs, with alkali pure spring water, to sodium, salt water, sulfate water, and others, with about 20 types in total. The white and translucent water is called “Cloudy Bath”, with traces of sulfur in it, and is one of Hakone’s specialties.
There are also baths like “Beauty Bath” which please the ladies, “Carbonated Salt Spring” which gives your skin the shine it deserves, “Carbonated Pure Salt Bath” which will make your skin soft and silky, “Sulfate Spring” that detoxes your skin, “Alkali Pure Spring” that has cleansing properties, and of course the “Beauty Bath” that gives your skin a new level of smoothness. Apart from the various water properties, being able to soak in the baths amidst nature is sure to help you relax your mind and soul, and relieve the tension and stress from daily life, while also bringing you to perfect skin.
At Hakone, not only can you relax your mind and body with pure springs while taking in the gorgeous nature, you can also visit art galleries and shrines and other tourist attractions, enjoy various types of baths, at traditional inns to hotels and theme park-like attractions.

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