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A necessary smartphone app for your Hakone holiday! Trust the free app, “Hakone Wi-Fi” to scan for free Wi-Fi access points in Hakone!

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This is one important piece of information foreigners should know when they travel to Hakone. That is, where the Wi-Fi access points are located. In your own country, you can use your data based on your contract, or look for Wi-Fi access points provided by your phone company, or public Wi-Fi access points. However, many may worry whether they will be able to find Wi-Fi access points when traveling to Hakone. Here is where the free app, “Hakone Wi-Fi” comes in handy.


How to download the free app “Hakone Wi-Fi”


When installing “Hakone Wi-Fi”, a pop-up saying “Settings for Automatic Connection” will appear, and follow the instructions on the screen. Upon reaching Hakone, start up the app and click “Connect”. “Hakone Wi-Fi” will automatically search for Wi-Fi access points without the need for an ID or password. It is a must for foreign visitors to have their smartphones to check travel information on the go. In response to that, Japan has been increasing the number of free Wi-Fi access points across the nation. As a result, the number of Wi-Fi access points in Hakone has risen as well. By using the “Hakone Wi-Fi” app, we would like to wish you a comfortable and fun journey.


Summary of “Hakone Wi-Fi”


Name of the app

  • Hakone Free Wi-Fi (English)/箱根Wi-Fi(Japanese)


Options on the settings menu

  • Automatic Wi-Fi connection
  • Permission to send logs
  • Receive messages
  • Update profile (iOS only)
  • Terms of use
  • App version, Copyright


OS supported

  • After Android 4.0
  • After iOS7
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


Things to take note of when using the app

  • Make sure your Wi-Fi function is switched on
  • Costs from data used with 3G/LTE will be beared by the user
  • Wireless area Free Wifi is provided withoute encryption
  • Location services will use your device’s GPS, which may use up battery at a fast pace, so do disallow location services if required
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