Hakone Onsen

Two things to take note of when visiting Hakone’s hot springs ~Complete facilities to fulfill all your needs, and a hilly geography~

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Hakone has always been known as a famous tourist attraction cum hot spring site. Located in the west of the Kanagawa prefecture, Hakone attracts numerous visitors yearly with its breathtaking sights, local delicacies, and many more. In recent years, the number of foreign visitors have gradually increased, and Hakone’s attractiveness is slowly spreading across the globe.
Admist the many attractions, the most popular one would be its hot springs. The type of water varies according to the facility, and there are truly too many to choose from. There are two things to take note of to further enjoy your time here at Hakone.
One would be to keep in mind that there are mulitiple ways to enjoy the hot springs. While there are hot springs for a reasonable price, suitable for day trips there are also luxury Japanese inns where you can rent the whole outdoor bath. You can select the hot spring that suits your needs the best. There are also outdoor baths you can rent even on a day trip, where you can soak in luxury at a relatively reasonable price. It feels like a pool, and there are also large-scale facilities like wine baths and coffee baths, which you let you look at hot springs from a new angle. These facilities have mixed baths, where you have to enter with a swimsuit. Families and couples can enjoy them too, and it is easier for foreign guests to enter as you can wear swimsuits in. As you can see, there is a large variety of hot springs that can satisfy your every need, and is thus well-liked by people of all ages.
The second point, would be its hilly geography. I’m sure there are many who have heard the lyrics “Hakone no Yama wa Tenka no Kewashi, Kankokukan mo Mono Narazu…” before. It means “The mountains of Hakone are the steepest in the world, and there is no need to even compare it to the Hangu Pass, a steep valley in China…”. As this song explains, there are many mountainous, steep areas that remain, even with infrastructure like roads built. You can feel like you’re on an adventure with the sightseeing buses, Tozan Railway and Ropeway, while walking amidst the lush nature. The popular art galliers are large, and there are also outdoor ones. As you will be moving around a lot, you can fully enjoy and relax in the hot springs later. Especially if you are staying a night, you can rejuvenate your tired body after a day of walking. It will bring you to a whole new level of relaxation.
Like mentioned above, the two points are that Hakone can cater to your various needs, and that its hilly geography will help you further enjoy the hot springs.

Do keep these points in mind when visiting Hakone, and have a great trip.

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